How To Best Enjoy Your Dimsum Meal

How To Best Enjoy Your Dimsum Meal
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Dim sum dishes, which are originally popularized by mainland China, means “a bit of heart” and is associated with “yam cha” or “drink tea”. There are a hundred varieties of this bite sized hearty meal. There is a proper dim sum etiquette and is not only practiced because of tradition and culture but also because it can affect the taste and texture of the dim sum dishes. You can also have dim sum delivery from your trusted restaurants.

Look For The Best Dim Sum Parlor

There are hundreds of dim sum restaurants or Chinese restaurants in one city, each claiming to have the best dim sum. Don’t easily fall for any dim sum tea house that pops up in your place because it can be truly hard to tell if the place is legit or not. The best option is to look for your local “Chinatown” (there is surely one in your place) and when you get there, look for the place with the longest line. The best dim sum dishes are spread through word of mouth coming from those who have already tried it.

Choose The Best Tea

With the numerous dim sum varieties available in the restaurants, the default house tea, which is usually jasmine, does not actually complement the taste and texture of dim sum dishes. Therefore, for you to truly enjoy and maximize the taste of your dim sum meal, it is important to order to the right tea that will go well with your dim sum choice.

  • Black Tea – also called as Bo Lay.This the perfect tea to get rid of the lingering tastes of oil from dim sum. It is a very strong tea that is earthy, full, rustic and is the traditional tea of choice paired with dim sum dishes.
  • Crysanthemum Tea – GukFa is the exact opposite of the black tea variety. This tea is light and is best paired with steamed dim sum meals. The sweetness of the chrysanthemum tea comes from the blossoms of the flower and is truly a refreshing choice.
  • Blended Black and Crysanthemum Tea or Guk Bo – This one of the favorites among the tea varieties. The blend of the earthy quality of the Bo Lay blended with the sweetness of the GukFa is truly delicious and is the safest choice if you can’t decide between the first two teas.
  • Shoumel or Sau Mei – This a white tea that is also sweet but with a bitter aftertaste from the fresh tea leaves. The herbal plant is traditionally grown in Fujian Province or the Guanxi Province in China. If you do not want to have any of the three mentioned tea above but still want a delicious and distinctive tea to partner off with your dim sum then the Sau Mei is the perfect choice.
  • Green Tea – This is also known as the Luk Cha and is the safest tea choice especially for beginners at tea drinking. The Luk Cha is a light and refreshing tea than can easily complement any dim sum dish.

Always Try The Chicken Feet

One cannot say that he or she has truly “dim summed” if they haven’t tried the chicken feet. It is perhaps the crème of the crop of dim sum dishes. Chicken feet are not considered exotic food and is a common ingredient found in soups or eaten as a separate entity as an appetizer. Get rid of your paranoid thinking with the chicken feet and man up and eat some. This is a choice you will never regret.

Cheap Prices Don’t Equate To Taste

Not all good things come with a price, like Chinese food wherein ingredients are usually low cost and affordable. Dim sum teahouses usually has three levels of choice for their meals: small, medium and large. Each level has a slightly higher price than the other. The best way to enjoy your dim sum is to try all three levels in a ratio of 50-30-20. Therefore most of your dishes are in the small level where the good stuff is usually at.

Take Your Time

Dim sum is not a fast food and therefore should not be eaten like one. To truly enjoy your dim sum, you must take your time eating it and savoring every flavor in your plate. If you notice in dim sum teahouses, customers are all relaxed. Some are even reading a newspaper or a book while enjoying their dim sum and their tea.

Dim Sum Are Best Shared

Perhaps this is because of the history of dim sum wherein it is primarily served to laborers, travelers, workers, etc. who had a long day at work and just want to relax and just have an interesting conversation with another person while slowly eating the dim sum and sipping on tea. Dim sum dishes are served in a small plate but they can be heavy on the stomach. It is not wise to have leftovers so it is best shared. This is great for dim sum delivery to share with your family and/or friends.


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