Drug Addiction – A Social Issue

Drug Addiction – A Social Issue
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Drug addiction is one of the major social problems that is been faced throughout the world. The targeted community being the youngsters is something that needs attention. Drug addiction is a kind of brain disease that happens because of the increase in the intake of drugs. Drugs are basically some chemicals which act on the brain cells, and longer use may even damage the ability of learning, judgement, decision making, memory etc. Hence a person gets addicted to these drugs, eventually affecting the people around you. A point comes wherein even if you want to leave drugs you are unable to do it, because by then the drug would have taken complete control of your brain. In those times addiction rehab in Arizona and many more centres comes into picture.

Treatment for drug addiction

Our brain consists of some chemicals called neurotransmitters that communicate information throughout our body. Some drugs have a similar chemical composition as that of our neurotransmitter, hence fooling our brain to send abnormal messages. Some drugs can cause the abnormal release of these neurotransmitters in turn disrupting the normal communication patterns. Hence the treatment needed is not only physical wherein the body is detoxified or the drug is flushed from your body. Medication is also equally important. Most of the times there are some therapy sessions either in a group or individual, to keep a track of mental illness like depression or dejection. The support of the family member would be very helpful throughout the treatment. It is a difficult situation to confront the drug addict about the issue, and convince him to undergo the treatment. There are many rehabilitation centres like addiction rehab in Arizona and many more which come up with different treatment plans for a particular individual. There is no single treatment for addiction. Before making the treatment plan, the condition of the individual is studied thoroughly. The treatment plan made for a particular person may change as per the recovery at any point. They are in the form of outpatient and inpatient. They are generally for a long term. The patients are involved in many physical activities like meditation, exercise, community services which keep them busy, and not think about the drugs. The therapy sessions are very effective to know ones progress during the recovery process. 

  • Work towards your life goals, which could not be completed because of your addiction. It is much easier to stay on track when you have a proper reason.
  • Always attend your follow-up appointments, which would in turn help you to analyse yourself.

There could be many reasons to be a drug addict. It initially starts with a temptation or just as a casual act of having fun. You will never realise your addiction, until someone confronts you because these drugs take complete control of your brain. Hence, to get rid of this also becomes a challenge. With proper support of your family and a strong will one can always get better in life. The zeal of achieving something in life has taken people places. Drug problem is a very small hurdle which could be overcome.

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