Anavar & its cycle for men and women

Anavar & its cycle for men and women
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Anavar or Oxandrolone is one of the safest anabolic supplements. Though it is mild, still its powerfulness along with very few side effects never skips the attention of performance enhancers. It is much popular among women for its safety and most of them rush to buy it. That is why it has been called as “Girls steroid”. Though men gain expected results by Anavar, still it favors more on women side. Due to its high demand, Anavar has been sold a bit costlier in the market than the other anabolic drugs. Out of its demand, many manufacturers and retailers sell fake Anavar as a real product in the market. So, one must be careful while placing an order for Anavar or Oxandrolone. Anavar doses vary depends on the individual and the usage. Anavar acts on women much lower than men and female athletes are highly sensitive to Anavar even in milligram quantity. It means that the female users may not go to doses as taken by men to attain results.

Anavar cutting cycle:

Women: Anavar normal dosages for women in cutting cycle will be of 10 mg per day. This dose will help in reducing body fat, preserving muscle while on restricted calorie diet plan and preserving muscles from strenuous activity. Further, the physique will turn harder, tighter and carry the pleasing look. Up to 20 mg per day is well tolerated by most of the women and it proved to be effective. However, at higher doses say 20 mg, some women come across virilization effects such as voice deepening, menstrual issues, libido problems. Before jumping to the highest dose, it is better to tolerate from the smallest dosage say 5 mg per day. Many of the women users see better results up to a 4 week cutting cycle. However, a six-week cycle is perfect for getting the desired results.

Men: Men who try to shed fat from body shall go for higher doses than women. At least 50 mg per day is said to be effective. Though 30 mg is a minimum dose, the same does not yield the expected results. Till 80 mg is tolerable to receive solid benefits and it has been found effective as a stack and not as a standalone. In rare cases, some may prefer up to 100 mg which is hardly warranted. Anything exceeds 100 mg will shoot up diminishing effects. Most of the men experience expected results within 6-8 weeks on their cutting cycle and they will never go back for Anavar cycle again.

Anavar bulking cycle:

Women: For a female, we swear it is a decent bulking agent. It brings out lean muscle gain in women. Since there is no issue of water retention, every last pound of tissue will be a pure lean muscle mass. The initial dose shall be 10 mg and if the woman wants to put on weight, gradually it could be escalated till 20 mg. Up to a 4 week cutting cycle is enough whereas for bulking up to 6 weeks might require.

Men: Anavar works out poor in building large muscle mass. Though it may build lean muscle tissue, it would not be a significant degree. At least 80-100 mg of Oxandrolone will work out in bulking phase.


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